LETTERS: Right-wing extremism

It’s great to see the new generation questioning world issues — Penticton Western News, June 26 column by Dale Boyd.

It’s great to see the new generation questioning world issues (Penticton Western News, June 26 column by Dale Boyd, Why the silence on right-wing extremism?) and expressing their concerns and opinions on topics which have tested the intelligence of the previous generations in the “free world” — what a privilege.

With respect and not to in any way to justify any loss of life to be OK, dealing with sensitive political issues is a topic where one has to be careful not to show bias.

The column could be seen as taking advantage of mishaps to advance a cause. That said, I wonder why the America Foundations excluded the 9/11 attack from their statistical analysis. The possibility exists, the provisions and safeguards implemented by governments after 9/11 has prevented other incidences? If so, the statistics used in the article as a comparison is skewed.

One wonders if the bias of some considers the pressures of government leadership —regardless of what party they are representing (Conservatives, Liberal, NDP, Communist party, or any other regime). It might just be the world’s leadership and decisions which are made, is influencing Canada’s domestic decisions.

Let’s appreciate the fact we live in a country with privileges very few people in the world enjoy. Yes, those privileges include the right to voice opinions, but just because we have the right to do something doesn’t make it right. Isn’t it more productive to recommend possible solutions.

It is the responsibility of all to review history and allow the mistakes of the past teach us to improve the future, remembering always there isn’t a party or leader that will satisfy everyone.

M.D. (Merv) Jones