LETTERS: Setting priorities

The word priority as stated in the dictionary means: “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.”

The word priority as stated in the dictionary means: “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.”

Pretty basic. However, it depends on how you build a priority list. Each of us would probably fall under the above definition. For example in a flood situation, emergency personnel would make sure that people were safe and had food and water before addressing the flood concerns. Good common sense. My question is “How do the mayor and council prioritize things if they, in fact, do? It would seem that in most areas they have a very short priority list like one item. With blinders on they go merrily on their way as they fulfill their priority lists of one item. Tunnel vision or single mindedness seem to be the order of the day with council based on recent actions.

With respect to downtown businesses, I have no axe to grind with you per se. However, as to the priority of revitalization, along with many others, I feel that this will be another debacle like the Martin Street affair, a needless make work project that benefits nobody and makes the area less usable. Dollars well wasted or what?

One could argue that this council was not responsible for that boondoggle. Maybe not. It didn’t take them long to get on the bandwagon to have one of their own in the 200 block. Monkey see; monkey do or what? I would normally have called this a slow learn situation, however, it was a quick study and quick learn. The footwork was more intricate than one of Fred Astaire’s and Ginger Rogers choreographed dance routines. Even if there is potentially a conflict of interest.

The conflict of interest definition as quoted from the Conflict of Interest Act follows. The basic definition used assumes that a reasonable person, knowing the relevant facts, would conclude that the official’s “private-capacity interest” could improperly influence the official’s conduct or decision-making. This holds true unless the individual or individuals in question recuse themselves from any relevant discussion or resolution to a given situation that might put them in a conflict of interest of situation.

In the final analysis, due to lack of openness and transparency shown by the mayor and council, we will never know for sure as to whether or not the mayor had any input to the downtown revitalization project. The plot thickens. How many more boondoggles are in the wind?

Ron Barillaro