Letters: SOEC parking fees a deal breaker

Debate over climate change continues as well, while another writer praises a local grocery store

Local evidence shows climate change is real

(re: Latest report confirms climate change a hoax, Letters, Western News, Oct. 4)

Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Sturhahn.

Just because the IPCC has admitted flawed models in their climate studies, that does not equate to your ludicrous claim that therefore climate change is a hoax.

Not at all.

Nowhere in your letter do you back up your claims, making you even less credible than the IPCC.

Where is your proof that the globe is actually cooling the last 20 years?

Do you just pull that stuff out of thin air so you will feel less guilty about your selfish lifestyle using fossil fuels?

Otto, do you remember Okanagan lake freezing up to Summerland and beyond in the 1980s? I do.

Does that happen anymore? No.

In the 1940s it froze all the way to Kelowna. Explain why that doesn’t happen, if you think the earth is cooling.

Explain why glaciers are retreating at an accelerated pace, explain Mt. Kilimanjaro losing its snowcap in the last decade after thousand of years.

Explain the North Pole becoming a lake for the first time in thousands of years, this very year.

Explain what you possibly gain by keeping your head in the sand.

I can only assume you come from an older generation, used to treating the world as your ashtray and are too ashamed to admit it.


Paul Floyd



Local businesses outstanding

Hopefully you can print this piece as I believe too many of Penticton’s businesses are not given credit or applause for out-standing service or customer satisfaction.

I have been a regular customer of Canada Safeway since the early 1950s, being from Winnipeg, where they originated.

I also did business with the company for several years having lived in Winnipeg.

Their staff at head office and at the retail level have, in my experience, always been professional, courteous and attentive when dealing with them.

Which brings the store here in Penticton to my point. Doug McNee and his staff are absolutely outstanding people to deal with, no matter your concerns or problem may be.

Personally, in the past 10 years, we have had a few incidents that were related to suppliers products that we purchased and the matters or returns were handled with a smile immediately and effectively.

I don’t believe details of the incidents are relevant or necessary but they definitely stand by their motto: customer service guaranteed.

Terry Graham



SOEC parking fee a deal breaker

Recently I asked one of our city councillors what the rationale was for charging a fee for parking at the SOEC.

Having attended almost all of the concerts, usually with three or four people, we have decided that we will attend no more events until this is revoked or revised.

The first reason I was given was that over half of the concert people are tourists.

Therefore, I surmise it must not impact the local patrons who support these events.

Is this really how we want to promote tourism, our No. 1 resource, by gouging visitors?

Shame on Penticton.

Secondly, he cited Vancouver and Kelowna as examples for the fee.

Well these are big cities where the average wage is $20 to $30, not $10.  He also failed to mention that these cities have a decent transportation system, right to the venues, unlike Penticton.

I further questioned why the hockey fans were exempt from parking fees.

He claimed that it would be unfair to charge someone, who is only paying $10 for a ticket, another $10 for parking.

Is it not equally unfair to charge someone who has paid $80 for an event the parking fee?

In the future, my money for entertainment will go to Many Hats, Cleland Theatre, etc, unless this ill-conceived idea is changed or revoked.

This was not well thought out. Either charge all patrons or scrap the idea.

Paying more than $3 an hour for parking is robbery.

Perhaps city council needed this fee to subsidize their little luxury taxpayer-funded vacation, as the timing of implementation seem rather suspicious.

Anne Van Blerk