Letters: SS Sicamous park not a good place for moorage

Reader rejects idea of day-use boat parking on the beach near Penticton's iconic ship

SS Sicamous not a good spot for moorage

Here we go again. I and everyone else in Penticton thought the pier/day use moorage was over with the majority vote for option four.

Is it becoming apparent that the acceptance of option four was just a smoke-screen to appease those against option one and two to slowly add more of option one and two over the years to come?

Now they want to delay the finishing of the pathway from Power Street to the SS Sicamous for this stupid idea? These guys are like a 10-year-old in a candy store with ideas.

I seldom go to Skaha Beach because of all the noisy boats and jet skis blasting by the beach non-stop. Most modern ski boats have loud stereos and at Skaha Beach, this is the norm and acceptable for the larger youth crowd that use it.

Okanagan Lake has a boating/marina area that should be the boating hub of Okanagan Lake, not Lakeshore Beach.

I often go to the Sicamous area to fish/picnic because of the tranquility, peace and quiet that it has to offer, kind of a eco-refuge from city life. I am appalled they even allow boats to beach beside the Sicamous. Please put an end to this insanity.

Does every beach in Penticton have to have boats/noise?

Is the city not smart enough to see this?

John Vassilaki paid for the survey for a pier/moorage and wants one there in the worst way, no matter what public opinion may be.

They say it will be for heritage non-motorized use, but being around lakes/marinas my whole life, including working at them at age 12 and also a marine mechanic at the largest marina in the Muskokas, I easily foresee the eventual use of motorized boats at the Sicamous.

Once a pier is established, motorboats will be allowed for special occasions, then eventually expand/rule changes from then on. Look at the history of most marinas/boat docking areas, most start with a simple dock/pier then expand from there.

The Sicamous Society may have good intentions now, but they could never guarantee non motorized boats in the distant future, councils change, directors change and so do the rules.

How many cities have an area like that around the Sicamous? Are we that blinded by the desire to change for the sake of change and/or self image that we cannot see the oasis of paradise that already exists?

Do we need another protest rally to tell city hall to quit screwing with what was once the best asset Penticton had? The only one at city hall that seems to have this common sense is Judy Sentes. I really wish she would run for mayor in the next election. I think we would have a new mayor.

Please focus on attracting new business and focus on the downtown revitalization and leave our Okanagan lakeshore alone. Stay tuned for a rally if this insanity continues.

Clifford Martin



Thank you

To the wonderful person who found our grandson’s wallet, thank you.

Thank you so much for turning in the lost wallet you found. You are a true honest person as all was left untouched in the wallet, including the $20.

We are all very grateful to you and really respect your honesty. On behalf of our grandson, thank you.

Lenore M. Bilinsky and Rod Karr



Channel trail maintenance stinks

This whole channel trail maintenance issue stinks.

What a few weighted City of Penticton and Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen votes did with the resolution was effectively to tell the regions of Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos and Princeton what they could do and how they should do it.

All at the same time Penticton had no mayor and a reduced council.

Protocol agreement or not, none of the opposing towns and rural areas has a legal financial obligation to create a garbage collection and control specified area to collect funds under the guise of river trail maintenance for Penticton.

While the  Downtown Penticton Association madly tweet to vote our downtown market as the place for people to be, the real attraction to this city is tubing down the channel.

Literally thousands each day, all summer long, make this activity number one on their to-do list.

It’s really unfortunate for us, the rural areas and the Penticton Indian Band that the maintenance of the channel and the pathway has been caught up in a city versus rural power struggle by a few RDOS members.

Seems to me that we could easily have put out a call on Twitter or wherever for donation to pay for this cleanup without involving taxation, and especially not taxation from areas way out near Bromley Rock and numerous other areas within RDOS who have absolutely no reason to be taxed for our channel maintenance.

What makes it even worse is that these funds are to be taken out of the RDOS regional trails service.

Voting on this issue has left Area G representative Angelique Wood perplexed (Western News, Aug. 21).

So what’s going on here?

This is total abuse of the weighted vote system.  Weighted votes have always been there.  It’s just that the voting on this issue is a prime example of throwing your weight around.

Traditionally, the heavies as those with four or fives votes each were called, always respected the rights and wishes of all the outlying areas and those people who elected the directors to serve on their behalf.

Now it seems that some RDOS directors are using this form of government to get into areas far greyer than they seem.

Do I believe our channel tubing is a gem?

Yes I do.

Do I believe that native, non-native, city and immediately adjacent rural governors and citizens should literally chip in, not tax, to keep the channel and its banks clean?

Yes I do.

The City of Penticton, PIB and users should be able to come together with a working arrangement to maintain the walking path portion.

I see great things happening in the future for PIB.  Jonathon Kruger has the kind of forward-thinking positive leadership qualities necessary to bring the PIB dreams to a fruition.

Kirt Cartwright had a great idea when he started up Coyote Cruises years ago. The channel is now known world-wide, not because of a national park concept, or a regional trails concept, but because of the dreams of a young entrepreneur had.

Taxation need not enter this picture now.

Jean Mitchell



Thanks to hospital staff

I just wanted to give a big “thanks” for the amazing care we received at PRH during my son’s recent day surgery.

We stopped counting the number of awesome, friendly and professional staff we encountered, the number was getting too high.

Thanks to the pre admission, PAR, surgical, and day surgery staff, you all made my son’s journey as gentle and supported as possible. PRH has some of the most caring and professional people around and we just wanted to say “thanks” for all you do!

Laura Kuypers



Trees need to be protected

We are little people standing up to Goliath to save our few remaining old growth trees up the Duncan River in the West Kootenay, Kaslo B.C.

We’ve made a petition to get more people involved on change.org but a bigger audience is always welcomed. Only in numbers do we become strong. Please help us stand up for our ancient forests, we are their last resort.

Here’s the link to our petition http://chn.ge/17YgOIr.

Mick and Gabriela Grabowsky

Glacier Creek


Objectivity lacking

Objectivity in decision making and a positive attitude towards the community and its citizens is lacking.

How do I see Mr. Litke from my dealings with him?

He lacked objectivity and interpersonal skills, in my attempt to beautify my property.

The planning department and my immediate neighbors that were affected by my project wrote a letter and signed a letter in favor of my  project.

The planning department had no objection to the improvement of my property.

Mr. Litke drove his car up to my residence and looked at the start of my project and said, he would personally see to it that my project would not never happen.

It has happened and I have on numerous occasions had people admire my landscaping and completed project.

Mr. Litke took it upon himself to exert authority that he was not entitled to.

My understanding is that he was a school teacher. W are not pupils but adult citizens of this community.

Those of you that have been to council or watched council on TV are aware of how Mr. Litke has voted on issues.

Al Pellatt