LETTERS: Teachers should hold the line

Penticton Western News letters to the editor for the Sept. 5 issue.

Teachers should hold the line

Well, in light of public school not starting (thank you Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals), I propose that us parents and our children, instead of protesting both sides, stand up and support our teachers.

How many of you have actually researched both sides of this disagreement? How many of you have looked into the breach of contract the B.C. Liberals did all those years ago, let alone the fact that they have time and time again broken the judgment set out by our Supreme Court?

How many of you actually believe that teachers and support staff are helping us parents raise our children to be productive members of our society?

Protesting both sides of this is only going to further the propaganda perpetuated by the Liberal party and our current government leaders and make it seem like we (the parents and children), agree with them. Is that really what we want?

Do we want the Liberals to think that they can use force and bully tactics on all of us? Do we want our government to think it is OK to continually cut funding of our essential services?

What about when they pull these same tactics on public health care, on our other public sectors (police, first responders, firemen)? Will you think it’s so off-putting then?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time we marched on our government offices and stand up for what’s right for ourselves, our families, and our future?

Maybe we should be phoning our government offices and writing them letters expressing our disappointment in how they are running our province and spending our tax dollars?

Maybe it’s time we wake up and realize just how far in the hole they have come and are digging us? Or, maybe we just bury our heads in the sand and continue on the same path we have been.

I, for one, stand beside our teachers. I say hold the line, and fight for a better future for our children (not just those who can afford privatization).

I say it’s time to take a stand and tell our current government enough is enough, that they can’t continue to put our future at risk (not only in schools, but our healthcare, our environment, our elderly and disabled, etc. etc.), that we as B.C.’s people won’t stand for it.

But alas, I am only one. One out of thousands, who believes in a better future for us and our children. One who wants to change my little corner of the world, and who will stay strong in my support of what I know is right.

B.C. teachers, my daughter (Grade 5), and I stand with you, we support you and your (our), fight for a better future. We are on your side, our side, B.C.’s side. We are proud Canadians who want the best future possible, and want our tax dollars spent on what the people want. We are proud of and believe in each and every one of you. My daughter is already at her school protesting with her teachers. She is proud (and I am so proud of her), to support and fight for what Canadian Children deserve.

Stay strong! Hold the line!

Lindsay Peterson



West Bench water woes

Dr. Ronald Johnson, who it should be noted is indeed a West Bench property owner, but I believe does not live on the bench, seems to enjoy stirring up issues in our area (audit of West Bench water bills, Western News, Sept. 3)

In this case, it’s this supposed preferential treatment of a few owners with regard to their water bills because a good part of their property is in unirrigatable gullies. I assure you my property is not one of these!

Given that we will be assessed for water rates on a totally different system by 2016 at the latest, I wonder what this latter-day concern on his part is really about. His comment about what he’ll do if he wins the November elections against the incumbent Director Michael Brydon seems somewhat grandiose. I seriously doubt that any director can simply “immediately undertake the audit (or any other measure in their area) and switch to metered billing.”

Somehow I think the other RDOS directors might have some say in what is or isn’t done especially when as public money will be involved. RDOS directors aren’t autocrats in their area, a fact of which Dr. Johnson seems strangely unaware.

Eva Durance



Incredible edible project

South Okanagan Women in Need Society has recently received funding from First West Credit Union, to support their WE Nourish project.

The project encourages community members to join together to grow food. Partnerships have already been formed with Incredible Edible Penticton, Salvation Army community garden and Penticton Indian Band. The project now has three available gardening plots, which need cultivating and prepare for winter growing.

Incredible Edible is looking to match groups or individuals with these growing spaces. The Incredible movement started in a small market town of Todmorden in England, who were looking for a way to engage community members in a meaningful way to share skills, grow food, educate around local food and support local producers and most of all create a community of kindness.

This movement has seen a significant increase in community pride, crime reduction and increased sales for local producers.

Should you wish to support this initiative in Penticton, please “like” our facebook page – Incredible Edible Penticton, where you can sign up to become an Incredible volunteer. Please “like” our Incredible Edible Penticton Facebook page now up  – you must join us on this incredible journey.

Hilma LaBelle

Incredible Edible Project Lead



Graffitti returns

It appears our resident tagger is back at it after a brief hiatus.

To the RCMP, I say this. As one of the people tasked to cover up / remove this garbage, I can tell you this. If you really, really want to catch these people and put a stop to this, start doing frequent checks under the Pickering Street bridge, across from 654 Pickering St.

This is the one that gets hit the most. I spoke with a lady who lives in the complex, and she told me she sees kids down there all the time causing problems. I asked her if she called the police, and her response was that she gave up because they would never show up.

Let’s get a handle on this once and for all.

Mark Billesberger