LETTERS: The best laid plans

With a new council (with some old guard) there should be new ideas and suggestions for progress in an area.

With a new council (with some old guard) there should be new ideas and suggestions for progress in an area.

Our council is running true to form, or is it?

There have been some new ideas. Some good, some not so good and some indifferent. The buzz word right now seems to be OCP or as we know it, Official Community Plan. The OCP that I have in mind is the one that refers to Skaha Lake Park and the proposal for re-zoning and re-development.

My question to council would be why?

Some reasons that come to mind are: supplementary coffer-filling and because council can do this and to them, it seems right, just to mention one or two.

The park area has been a park area for many years and lived as such through several councils. Now, all of a sudden, it’s become an important issue to all council (including the old guard). One can only surmise that this sudden OCP revitalization is one of monetary gain only.

What else could it be? The area has been well-patronized over the years by both community residents and tourists alike and is continuing be a point park of interest. The area has been written up in media publications as being a major point of interest for all.

Council now thinks that re-zoning is the way to go. Again, aside from supplementing city coffers, why?

In and around the area there are several multi-dwelling properties, some of which, have more vacancies than occupants.

Does council not see this?  Evidently not! They seem to think that economic benefits outweigh pristine benefits and the aspect of on-going recreational benefits now and in the future.

They seem to be overlooking the fact that land is not a renewable resource and that once it’s gone; it’s gone. Joni Mitchell said it best her song Big Yellow Taxi, and the lyrics make reference to “Pave Paradise and put up a parking lot.”

From my perspective, if council feels that this OCP is a solid one and that the benefits of development outweigh the benefits of status quo, in the words of a motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar (I’ll See You at the Top), they should seek “a check-up from the neck up to get rid of stinkin’ thinkin’.”

I ask council, what do you want your legacy to be?

If this is it, you’re in deep trouble!

Ron Barillaro