LETTERS: Time to move forward

Let’s focus on positives that can arise from the Skaha Lake waterslides development.

As it appears that the Skaha Lake waterslides are a done deal, let’s focus on positives that can arise from the process.

The City of Penticton has indicated that all funds generated from the lease, partial operational profits and taxation revenue will go into developing and enhancing park spaces in the City of Penticton.

As such, here are two excellent projects that need to be actively pursued: 1) Create a family-orientated park in the Esplanade Trail Network (“Hobo Jungle”). 2) Create a family-oriented, front-country municipal park on Campbell Mountain.

The Hobo’s enhancement proposal has been on the back-burner since the reign of mayor Jake Kimberly, and Campbell Mountain is laden with unsanctioned recreational trails as well as stunning vistas.  It’s high time that these two recreation areas got some City of Penticton trail-love, and now that we’ll have specifically earmarked funds, there is no reason that the enhancement of this pair of recreation areas cannot go forward.

When asked about creating a park on Campbell Mountain, former mayor Dan Ashton once said to me, “Sure, as long as it doesn’t cost me any money …” It’s time to go for it Dan.

Andrew Drouin

president, SouthOkanaganTrailAlliance.com

Interior representative; Provincial Trails Advisory Body

Interior representative; Federation of Mt.Clubs of BC