LETTERS: Time will tell with Trudeau

Trudeau has set a high standard. Only time will tell if he lives to those standards.

Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau took the high road in his victory speech promising positive change and invoking openness and transparency.

The Liberals appealed to Canadians’ fundamental decency and sense of fairness, and they carried the nation along with them. Now we the people have every right to expect them to live up to those ideals.

This was in stark contrast to the introverted campaign run by the Conservatives particularly in the South Okanagan – West Kootenay riding where a deep-rooted suspicion of media intent seemed to be at the root of their refusal to embrace all-candidates meetings; subsequently denying potential constituents the opportunity to make their own valuations to a wide range of questions on many issues of concern to Canadians.

According to an online Toronto Star editorial where: “….mastering the art of campaigning is different from mastering the art of governing. The Liberals will have to dust off their rusty skills, relying on the institutional memory of the few in their caucus who have served in past cabinets. But they have managed to elect a fresh new crop of promising MPs who bring idealism and energy to Parliament Hill … they are off to a good start, embracing positive, forward-looking values that Canadians have always held dear.”

So how are we at the local level to judge how they are doing? Or, as usual, are we going to be the last to know? One way would be to see what payoffs the failed Liberal candidates receive. What if any boards will they be appointed to?

Will it be the same old political story: Old-style political pork barreling and taking care of your friends with political sinecures to the party faithful; or will Trudeau bring a fresh new perspective and the openness and integrity he espouses?

Trudeau has set a high standard. Only time will tell if he lives to those standards.

Elvena Slump