LETTERS: Weird thinking

Did another body fly over the cuckoo nest that fails to realize money can’t fix all?

Did another body fly over the cuckoo nest that fails to realize money can’t fix all?

Nature proves me right as Mother Nature needs none to create havoc around a planet that is overdue for attention in Intensive Cure Unit — Penticton Regional Hospital preferable

I wonder how much cigarette smoke it would take to cloud the present air we breathe compared to the raging fires that surround us?

Glowing cigarette butts tossed into tinder dry lands from the lips to hands of idiots are man-made

So hey man, quit making them as you can’t have it both ways as the  lack of will power by the human chimney’s will continue to puff and smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette

Health over money is a no- brainer — I was told if I quit the weed anybody could do it. I did about 16 years ago cold turkey in 17 days — no pain, no gain.

It has been written that Canada has brought in firefighters from other country’s such as Australia  even though  hundred’s of  Canadian regular army personal were crash course trained and ready.

Now there are reports that Canada is sending relief crews to relieve our southern neighbour who are trying to stomp out a raging fire near our shared border.

Did the power to fight disappear in the land of the free, the home of the brave? Who supplies relief to our front line heroes? Don’t tell me the U.S. crew after they take some rest and relaxation? The population of the U.S. has millions more bodies enlisted to seek help from, or is the majority fighting on foreign shores?

Fire, along with what man calls natural disaster’s, has no boundaries, and is immune to any cursing or threats made by man and his weapon of mass destruction.

Political hot air and cigarette butts have something in common. Both can be dangerous toward planet earth and the health of a nation.

Tom Isherwood