LETTERS: What happens if it fails?

I have not spoken to a single person from ages 23-85 that is open to this development. Not one.

I am very opposed to this proposed water park. We’ve heard all kinds of comments opposing this project.

Here is one I have not heard discussed:

Have you thought about what happens to this space if the water slides are not financially feasible at some point?  What happens to all these buildings etc? Now you will be desperate to find a new tenant to take over this space. Who will it be?

Then, where is the parkland we once had? Where are the funds you were counting on to build new green spaces?

This water park will only be used from May to September. Why did the other waterslides close? I’m guessing it wasn’t financially feasible given our short warm season. They tried to sell it. If it was financially successful it would have been purchased. You can’t tell me this waterslide park will be different?

If you want to offer our town some great waterslides why not an indoor one? One that has the option to open up and partly outdoors in the warmer months. It can be enjoyed 12 months of the year. People might actually come from far away for this one of a kind water park and it could be built anywhere. Not on public park land.

Why put waterslides right beside the beach where people have to pay? We have thousands of people coming to our town for our beaches. Not for waterslides of this kind.

I’m not opposed to enhancement at all. I love the paths, the Rotary pavilion, the vendors, the food trucks — at least all these add vibrancy. They are not taking away park space. My neighbours and I would be very happy to have a great restaurant to walk to that is located on/near the water. Taking over the marina building is OK in my books. It’s already there.

I have not spoken to a single person from ages 23-85 that is open to this development. Not one.

Please reconsider paving over someone’s property that was so generously donated to us, the people of Canada, not just Penticton, and stipulated to be kept as public.

Derrie Selles