LETTERS: Which superhero will you elect?

As we move toward the federal election, most people have eyes on the party leaders.

As we move toward the federal election, most people have eyes on the party leaders.

The three main party leaders have exhibited super powers during the campaign and before. We can discern what super power a particular leader may possess by observing their behaviours. Since this discussion is about superheroes we see them dressed in their superhero spandex outfits.

The blue hero is the incumbent leader and we notice that only his spandex includes an ankle length cape. Over the term of this hero’s party leadership we have seen amazing things. The blue hero has changed laws without needing any other support. Just zap, changed with his super power. Quite the thing. Another super ability that we have seen is that he can see things in a whole new way, not the way we mortals see them, but in a new way (think Senator Duffy). One wonders what is hidden under that cape.

Next, the red superhero has treaded into the dark forest where no sane politician would go (some say), the jungle of increased debt and deficit. Those two ‘d’ words are anathema to most political aspirants, but not our red superhero. This guy is taking notice of the interest rates these days and seeing an opportunity others refuse to acknowledge because of ‘d’ word paralysis. It seems that he has the super power to see beyond the bounds self-imposed on other politicians and more than that, he blatantly and unapologetically tells the truth about those ‘d’ words. Another super power, it seems.

Finally, we have our superhero clothed in orange spandex (quite the image). He seems to have a super ability to not answer any question he does not like, as when Peter Mansbridge asked the dreaded ‘when will you keep that promise?’ Orangeman would not answer, even though Mansbridge asked more than once. He is also a master at substituting the words ‘will have’ for the word ‘has,’ as in the promise that he will have a plan, instead of, simply, he has a plan.

Superheroes change things with their super powers. Mark Twain says it well when he states, “what you are doing is speaking so loudly, I can hardly hear a word you are saying.” What they do and have done, tell us what to expect in the future. Zap!

Joseph Seiler




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