Life should be valued

Although I do have compassion for those suffering, I cannot agree with or support their desire for an early end to their lives

In regard to the recent headlines about euthanasia and Gloria Taylor’s fight to have “assisted suicide” legalized, I must state quite firmly that I am not one of those who supports pro-euthanasia or such societal positions.

I realize that I have never been in Gloria Taylor’s shoes, however, I would also argue that she likely has never been in mine either.

I am still relatively young and have been fortunate to not have suffered from anything like cancer, multiple sclerosis or other life-altering diseases. I’m firmly of the belief that all life is precious, from the little baby to the eldest of our citizens, and I would even apply that to those who, in society’s eyes, are deserving of little more than death (the hardened criminals). Regardless of whom we are or what we have done, we do have value in at least one set of eyes, if not abundantly more than one set of eyes.

I can never support laws that allow any devaluing of life (even if it seems to uphold a “quality of life” to some eyes) whether they are pro-euthanasia laws or pro-abortion laws. People often speak out against religion and yet many of society’s laws come from religion or are an influence upon religion itself.

Although I do have compassion for Sue Rodriguez and for Gloria Taylor and their respective lives and health concerns, I cannot agree with or support their desire for an early end to their lives.

As for my experiences with death, I have lost more than a couple of relatives and at least a couple of friends to the unexpected deaths that they suffered, and even though one or perhaps more of them may have been suffering (and I would’ve wanted them to be free of suffering), I can only think of this: not one of us ever had a “choice” as to whether or not we were born, and therefore I hardly think we can speak of choice when it comes to our deaths (even as many have tried to and been thought to succeed in making such choices).

I respectfully ask that all people, especially the politicians who claim to speak on our behalf, consider carefully what might happen if we follow such a course as to allow “freedom” to choose death when we wish to as well as to loosen up any abortion laws that might be presently considered.

Patrick Longworth


Okanagan Falls