Liquor store not wanted

I object to the proposal of another liquor store being located in Penticton at Fairview and Calgary

I am objecting and writing a letter to the B.C. Liquor Control Branch about the proposal of another liquor store being located at Fairview and Calgary and down the road from my home where I have lived for the past 32 years.

I have polled the surrounding neighbours and they feel the same. If I need to spend time and collect signatures on a petition  I will.

Liquor control has rules, why does Mr. Randhawa think he can persuade the Liquor Control Branch.

There is a government liquor store right off Calgary, less than a block away, another farther up on Government Road, and another private liquor store slated to open in two weeks down the road on Fairview, three blocks away beside Baileys Brew HaHa.

In a prior newspaper article it stated the Downtown Penticton Association is behind this proposal because it will clean up the downtown, and in my conversation with Mayor Dan Ashton he said the same. I don’t want this in my back yard, do you?

And now there has been yet another article reporting that even though the rules state there cannot be a liquor store, Randhawa is continuing to push for his way.

I own properties and pay taxes and have had a business downtown since 1978.

No to a liquor store on Fairview Road.

Sally Attwell