Live with nature

City's deer population reminds me of the overpopulation of rabbits in Kelowna

In regards to the deer population, it reminds me of the overpopulation of rabbits that happened in Kelowna a few years ago.

I’ve also noticed an overpopulation of election signs everywhere. It’s OK to put out a few signs to get voters’ attention, but why more than five in a row for the same person? People are putting signs on hillsides on clay banks, which is wrecking our scenery as now there are holes there that weren’t there before.

Also vandals are periodically pulling these signs out of the ground and throwing them anywhere. I hope they do it different in the future.

I certainly do not want any shooting within the city limits in regards to the deer.  Might as well go back in time like the “Old Wild West”.

It seems like the majority of people that complain about the deer have money for plants, so why not go purchase a tall fence around your property. That way no trespassers can go onto your property. Or you can move to a big city where their are other trespassers, maybe not the furry-kind. Let’s learn to live with nature.

Laura Pede