Locating prison in Penticton would be a crime

Now we have lies and hearsay to gather support for the prison. How low will City Hall go to sell out its citizens for tax dollars that little will go to tourism, but to their own debt. CAO Annette Antoniak states that $1.5 million a year could go to the tourism budget — slim chance of that with the current city debt. Is the city is not looking desperately for bail-out money?

It is not to improve the quality of life for its citizens, especially its seniors. Seems the $5.1 million income for permits and developing costs are more important. The $5.1 million should go to a city balanced fund for the victims of crime the citizens will soon realize. If the city is stupid enough to go through with this, they should be 100 per cent accountable for the negative outcome of their actions.

The city also never reads any negative comments against the proposal. Mike Pearce says he talked to a supposed Prince George correctional employee who says there would be zero impact, but if he had read the paper six weeks ago, a Prince George corrections officer said a prison here would be devastating to the community. Just how stupid does City Hall think its citizens are? A prison would make Penticton safer? Prince George has one of the highest crime rates in B.C. How can anyone with intelligence compare Prince George to Penticton?

If you as a prisoner were released in Prince George, there is a high chance you would go home, but if as a prisoner you were released in what used to be the nicest city in Western Canada with the best weather and crime potential, where would you stay? City Hall is wearing earplugs and blinds to the reality of the negative outcome for this city, they only see bailout money.

Andrew Jakubiet believes money is a more important issue than the safety of citizens, so I am sure he would not object to a halfway house on his street. He also says Penticton does not make it for tourism anymore. City Hall is to thank for the destruction of the tourism here. They zone changed all the campgrounds, small motels and RV parks to make room for high-rises and commercial property instead of zoning freezes and tax breaks to save them. Look at the outcome of the water park.

Penticton was born a tourist town and had pride in being so. I used to be proud to say I lived here. You did not have to be rich to come here with your family and have a good time. Do you want Penticton to be a crime-ridden industrial town that the city would prefer? Let’s not forget the mayor doesn’t even live here. It wont be his problem when he is elected out in the next election. Could we please have a non-confidence vote for these idiots destroying this city?

Clifford Martin