Logging will impact Apex

Logging near Apex is set to start up again by the end of June unless we stop it by making our voices heard

I wonder how many in the community are aware of the logging happening within the government defined “Apex Intensive Recreation Area” more commonly known as Apex Mountain Ski Resort and Nickel Plate Nordic Centre, with logging specifically at Keremeos Creek Valley, Green Mountain, Dividend Mountain and Shatford Creek Valley?

I wonder how many noticed a large clear cut on Green Mountain during the past ski season, ugly and clearly visible from the ski runs and village? Maybe, like me, you thought it was necessary due to the pine beetle.

Thankfully an avid outdoorsman did more than just notice and assume; he questioned how this had come to be, in the process joining with other volunteers to become the Apex Forestry Committee. What they discovered, and shared with the public June 10 in an open meeting at the Community Centre, is frankly astounding. It turns out pine beetle is not an issue. It’s far too complex to recap here so I urge you to visit www.apexcommunityforest.org and the forestry section at www.apexpropertyowners.com for details.

Essentially, the supposedly protected intensive recreation area is in the process of having a total of four square kilometres clear cut. I agree with the committee in believing that clear cutting in this area is socially and economically irresponsible. I find it hard to believe that our local tourism bodies, city council, our MLA haven’t already taken action against this logging by Sn’pink’tn Forestry and Gorman Brothers which has happened and is happening, without any of the stakeholders being consulted, as the negative impact on the recreational users, businesses, owners is potentially huge. Why would anyone ski/hike in an area of unsightly clear cuts with so many other mountains nearby?

Apparently the logging is set to start up again by the end of June unless we stop it by making our voices heard (as the ministry has told the committee we need to do to get their interest). So please, get informed, write letters, send emails, make phone calls — and do it quickly.

I don’t believe anyone is against logging per se, but this is only four square kilometres within a supposedly protected area. Surely common sense can prevail. Surely four square km can be found nearby that won’t have the same extremely negative impact. Please work together now to find a solution.

Penny McLeod