Longing for politicians past

Having been away for some time I am perplexed to read that the regional district is processing a development proposal for 256 lots in the Twin Lake area,

History is replaying itself.

Some 40-plus years ago the RDOS was presented with a 300-plus subdivision proposal for home sites at the Twin Lake area by Gabriola Wild Wood Estates.

The politicians at that day became quite alarmed as there were no zoning regulations in effect for Electoral Area D.

Post-haste I was charged with preparing a zoning bylaw for the electoral area.

I still recall discussing and amending the draft on a kitchen table in Okanagan Falls at the Bohns’ residence if my memory serves me right.

Following the public hearing in Okanagan Falls, although shouted down several times by the proponents of the subdivision, the board of the RDOS subsequently adopted Electoral Area D Zoning Bylaw 100 and stopped the subdivision.

The board was greatly concerned with the impact of the development on: water supply, the rural setting and the Dominion Observatory.

Seeing: the debacle with water supply in Faulder; destroying the rural setting; potential negative impact on the observatory; contributing to sprawl development; and increased pollution due to commuting back and forth for services, employment and entertainment, I am at a loss why the RDOS is even entertaining the development proposal.

We are in need of yesterday’s politicians with foresight.

John Cornelissen