Love is all you need

David Mercier (re: your letter March 2, Penticton Western News), the message of love, hope, peace, etc., is a universal one promoted by most, if not all religions. However, one doesn’t have to profess any religion in order to practice such virtues.

Valentine’s Day, Halloween and such celebration have never sparked intolerance, hatred, or war as far as I know. However, such observances of a religious nature have caused tumult all over the world and down through centuries because, “my god is better than your god.”

David says God is real, “just because you have never experienced these facts does not make them any less real.” What facts is he referring to here?

I don’t know what issues and problems atheism causes, a murderous tyrant is a murderous tyrant, whether he believes in God or not (sometimes he even believes he is god).

Joy Lang