March makes a difference

More than 400 people in Penticton take part in worldwide March Against Monsanto

This letter is to thank the organizers and the folks who attended the world-wide May 25 March Against Monsanto. This march brought multitudes of people onto the streets to make others aware of the insidious alliance between Monsanto and world governments, as Monsanto seizes control of the world’s food supply with their genetically engineered seeds of death.

In Penticton, over 400 people attended Gyro Park next to the Saturday Farmers’ Market and where our local farmers were selling quality, healthy, wholesome food that is under threat from Monsanto. From the bandstand, local farmers and others spoke of the devastation Monsanto has unleashed on the world and the outcomes: the elimination of traditional farming techniques of seed saving, organic farming, and the removal of the right to grow food without corporate interference. In addition, it is now known that GE products have and will continue to substantially increase rates of cancer, diabetes and significant immune dysregulation.

A human feeding study revealed the gene inserted into a GE seed transfers the DNA of bacteria living in our intestines and continues to function. Simply put, eating a corn chip made from Monsanto corn transforms our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories for the rest of our lives. GE foods are contributing to the rise of autism, obesity, asthma, heart disease, allergies, reproductive problems, and other common health problems facing Canadians,

The Penticton March Against Monsanto moved to MP Dan Albas’s office, with an old tractor leading the way, to demand action from our government to protect us and our families from the harmful effects of GE products. Mr. Albas is a family man and has as much at stake as the rest of us, and hopefully, for the sake of his own family and us, he will take action and do what is right. The Canadian government will only act if Canadians rise up and demand they do so. Let Mr. Albas and the rest of the Harper government know you want them to remove GE foods from our food supply.

Thanks again to the local organizers of the Penticton March Against Monsanto, your efforts do truly make Penticton ‘A Place To Stay Forever’.

Murray Mason