Mayor short on answers

Those running for council should have answers for issues facing city

I am disappointed in Mayor Dan Ashton’s reaction to the rat problem on Basset Street. I do not live anywhere near there, however, his advice that the residents take a pro-active move and set traps and deal with this problem, with the “city’s advice” is moronic.

Dan, what have you done to deal with vacant homes and lots developments in town during your tenure? The answer is: deal with it yourself. Look around Penticton, empty rat-infested houses on Basset, a huge ugly crane hovering over uncompleted condos Winnipeg Avenue, messes on Lakeshore by the art gallery, the old waterslides. Hey Dan, how about downtown, where there’s four or five empty lots.

Whomever wants to be on city council better have a vision for these issues, because up until now no one has. Dan Ashton wants your vote for another term, as do the present city councillors. I do not have these answers, so I am not running for any position. Those who are, should.

All I can infer is that Dan Ashton believes that the citizens of Penticton should be more pro-active and once again … this is not ‘their problem’. The citizens of Penticton can’t wait to hear from our potential incumbent municipal representatives regarding these and other matters.

Pat Trainor