MLA has shown he isn’t an independent

It is time for British Columbians to demand accountability from our MLAs

So now that John Slater no longer has the B.C. Liberal Party’s support, he wants to run as an independent. After years of frustration with the governing Liberals, we might be inclined to support a truly independent candidate, but Mr. Slater is not that person.

It is time to demand accountability from our MLAs. Where was our MLA when it counted? We have to remember the following B.C. Liberal disgraces that happened on Mr. Slater’s watch, without, to my knowledge, any word of protest from him.

The HST fiasco, the B.C. Rail scandal, mismanagement of MLA expense accounts, no oversight of ICBC ($26 million in severance for 250 unnecessary management jobs), poor oversight of B.C. Ferries, legislation forcing the wireless smart meter program on BC Hydro customers, MSP premiums directed to general revenue instead of health care, sweet deals and uncontrolled spending at B.C. Housing, run-of-river hydro projects driving up electricity costs, firing a competent auditor general for exposing Liberal dirty secrets. This is just some of what we know.

So if Mr. Slater had nothing to say as a member of the B.C. Liberal Party, where he could have spoken up for British Columbians, perhaps making a difference, what will he be able to do as an independent?

Isn’t it ironic now, that Mr. Slater is getting the boot by the B.C. Liberals? Wasn’t former nominee Joe Cardoso — chosen by party members — unceremoniously dumped and replaced by Mr. Slater before the last election? You know what they say about karma.

Paul McCavour and Julie Turner