Money could be better spent

Money used to send F-18 to air show in the U.S. would have been better spent reducing hospital waiting lists

Nice to see our government wasting tax dollars on sending the Air Force to visit the U.S.A.

The visit from the F-18 would have cost us the taxpayer more than 2,300 major cancer, heart or brain surgeries.

Whether it was an air show or not, while Canadians are dying waiting for major surgery, hospital beds, food, homelessness, the great dictators in Ottawa can fret away money on showing what a mighty country Canada is.

Stephen Harper, I talk as a person who was bumped three times waiting for heart surgery.

The people at St. Paul’s Hospital do a fabulous job with what little money they have. After leaving hospital I had a letter from St.Paul’s asking if I would like to make regular donations. The fact is I am not working thus do not have an income, yet living in Harper’s land for the rich, feel as useless as the peasants of the old U.S.S.R.

R. Robertson