Money going to waste

How do we put a stop to all this wasted money, power and greed from our elected government officials

So the senators are getting a pay raise again — for what? Can they explain to me what they do for that raise except lie about where they live and get more money out of the taxpayer.

I agree with Yvonne Plewis 100 per cent, when is this ever going to stop? I have asked this question of Dan Albas numerous times as to how someone can lie about where they live and still get paid. He tells me that they have a very good system in place that makes sure that taxpayers do not pay them for any expenses that are out of line. Well, I find that one hard to believe, and now a pay raise.

So how do we put a stop to all this wasted money, power and greed from our elected government officials. They have so much power that they just blow us off and carry on and could care less what the people think. It is the same in federal, provincial and city politicians.

Seems we have an unlimited amount of money for them to spend and they are never accountable to the people. Same as Fortis. We have 18 suites in our building and we all live on fixed incomes. I tried to talk to Fortis about this increase for all us seniors but it all fell on deaf ears.

As for the gas hikes, my husband has said for years that we all need to stop and no one buy any gas for one day. That would bring them to their knees and they would beg us to buy gas. I know that most people do not have the time to try to write letters to the MLAs, etc. Most families do not have the time, as both mom and dad have to work, then try to get some family time for the kids, clean house, grocery shop. But even if they did talk to the elected MLA or MP, they always blow us off with every excuse in the book.

So where do we start to bring these politicians back to reality. I wish I knew as they have unlimited access to our personal information and tell us what to do and yet we have no control over them. If anyone has any idea I am all ears and ready to help.

Doris de Grood