More enforcement needed in Penticton

More Penticton RCMP needed to crack down on speeders according to resident.

I am happy to see the RCMP cracking down on those who drive and text or talk on cellphones, but I wonder why have they not been active in the city with other issues?

I live on Westminster Avenue and now is the time of year when speeding, motorcycles with no mufflers and vehicles with boom boxes create havoc.

Every summer, which I can tell you has started, because I have to go around my apartment every day and straighten pictures and wall ornaments due to the these issues.

Why cannot the RCMP set up unmarked vehicles and catch the speeders — like a raceway some days — and all the other offenders?

I cannot tell you or the RCMP how many close calls there are with drivers coming off the side streets that have in the past caused accidents.

Maybe they are waiting for a death before they respond to this. The laws are there — why not start enforcing them?

I am sure the first response is not enough units to go around, but what if a school child is hit and killed in the local crosswalks?

Will that get their attention?

I hope they respond to this issue before that happens.

Roy West