More information needed

City needs to release more details on the sale of the Eckhardt Avenue lands

I agree with Ted Wiltse. Everything and everyone involved in the Eckhardt land sale must be brought to public scrutiny.

Name all parties responsible for cobbling the Eckhardt land deal together. Did any city staff vet this deal? If so who was involved? Did city staff recommend this land deal? Be specific. Did the city have legal representation on this land deal? Who? Did they recommend this deal or warn council against it?

A reasonable explanation of why this land deal was completed just before the election is not optional.

A reasonable explanation must be given on why John Vassilaki was the only councillor to vote against the Eckhardt land deal when so much elemental financial criteria was missing.

If the $50,000 down payment was obtained by the purchaser using fraudulent means, does this morally obligate the city to return this money to the damaged party?

If no, does the city morally become part of an alleged fraudulent act?

Should city contractors reasonably expect that city land sold for hockey dorm purposes be a safe contract to undertake?

Who is going to reimburse the contractors and repair the damage caused by this irresponsible land sale which can bankrupt stakeholders and cost good people jobs?

Is it possible to resell the land at a high enough profit to reimburse the contractors that entered into this contract?

Are the taxpayers of Penticton behind the financial 8-ball again in footing unnamed costs relating to this latest horror show?

I ask all taxpayers to contact the mayor and council and urge them answer all Ted Wiltse’s questions (Western, Feb. 29). In addition, taxpayers should ask that a complete reasonable explanation of all circumstances surrounding why this deal was undertaken be posted on the city website for taxpayer view.

As a taxpayer in Penticton, I expect all parties responsible for giving away this land to be named and consideration given to their replacement. I have sent a copy of this letter to the mayor and council.

Elvena Slump