More than just the score

Parent upset with coverage of high school volleyball

I am a big fan of the Pen High Lakers senior girls and boys volleyball teams and am very happy that they did so well. But after reading the article written about the tournament, I was disappointed in the one line given to the Princess Margaret senior girls volleyball team (Nov. 2 edition – Sports by Emanuel Sequeira).

No, they did not do as well as we hoped, but they still worked hard, played some great winning games and deserve more than the demoralizing one line given.

As a community with two excellent high schools, great teacher/coaches and awesome kids who give their 100 per cent, we should be more supportive of the efforts all of these kids make. There were amazing plays made by every team and it was thoroughly enjoyed by those of us who watched the entire two-day tournament.

Thank you to the teams that attended. A proud parent and (bigger) fan of the Princess Margaret senior girls volleyball team.

Joyce Campbell