MP REPORT: Input matters

As a week can go in Ottawa, this has been a very interesting one on Parliament Hill.

As a week can go in Ottawa, this has been a very interesting one on Parliament Hill but as is often the case, some issues are widely reported over in favour of others. Based on questions, concerns and feedback I have heard from many citizens in Okanagan-Coquihalla here are some updates on a few events this week:

Back in my July 9 MP report I mentioned a proposal submitted to the CRTC that could potentially create a tax on Netflix subscribers; this was in response to many citizens who had taken the time to voice opposition to such a taxation proposal. This week representatives from Netflix participated in a public hearing with the CRTC. As you may have heard, this hearing resulted in Netflix being ordered to produce specific proprietary information to the CRTC that ultimately in some cases was not provided. Having read the transcripts of this hearing it is clear that Netflix was willing to provide the requested information provided an assurance of confidentiality could be secured from the CRTC. Ultimately an inability to reach an agreement with respect to confidentiality has resulted in this matter still pending. It should also be noted that our Government is on record opposing a Netflix tax, a view similar to what I have heard locally. I will provide a further update on this subject as it becomes available.

On the ISIL terrorism threats to Canadians we have seen in recent media reports, there has been a number of cases where citizens with a Canadian passport have left Canada to join the terrorist group ISIL. In order to protect Canadians our Government has listed ISIL as an official terrorist group, making it a criminal offence to assist their operations and begun revoking passports of those individuals who leave Canada to join ISIS or other Jihadi terror groups. The leader of the Liberal party has publicly stated his opposition to revoking passports of individuals who join ISIL or other terror organizations, meaning these individuals are free to return to Canada or travel to other destinations under a Canadian passport. As a result this is a subject I would invite further comment on. Is the revoking of passports of individuals who leave Canada to join terror organizations reasonable or should these individuals be free to return to Canada as suggested by the leader of the Liberal party?

In last week’s report I discussed in greater detail some aspects of the Reform Act and invited further comments. Many citizens took the time to respond and while some have voiced serious concern and strong opposition to the bill, the majority of citizens I have heard from are supportive for a variety of different reasons. I would also like to credit and recognize individuals who presented unique points that encourage support in areas that I voiced concern over in my report. Based largely on the feedback I have heard from a majority of citizens and pending amendments to the Reform Act I can confirm I will be voting in support of the Bill as it comes up for a vote this week in the House of Commons. The feedback from so many citizens in Okanagan-Coquihalla on this bill was very much appreciated.

On the subject of feedback a reminder that I can be reached at dan.albas@parl.gc.caor toll free at 1-800-665-8711.

Dan Albas is the Member of Parliament for Okanagan-Coquihalla and writes this weekly report for his constituents.