MP’s assistant steps down

Since being asked by Stockwell Day to join his team working out of the MP office back in 2006, it has been a great honour for me to serve the constituents of Okanagan Coquihalla in my role as his assistant.

With the closure of Stockwell Day’s office effective May 2, however, and as part of established House of Commons processes for transitioning from one elected member of Parliament to another, it is now time for me to say good bye and also thank you.

Over these years I have forged many new friendships and will always look back fondly on what has been accomplished through working together with you the constituents, community groups and people in all levels of government within the riding. Thank you for sharing your time with me and allowing me to work along side of you in what I will always consider to be very worthwhile causes.

I would also like to thank Stockwell Day and my colleagues at the MP office that I have served with these past years. It is not often I have had the privilege to work on such a focused and dedicated team of professionals and I appreciate so much your enduring friendship.

So to the friends I have made and to all of the constituents of Okanagan Coquihalla, please know that I look forward to seeing you again in the months and years ahead on the streets (and beaches) of Okanagan-Coquihalla.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

Doug Sharpe, assistant to Stockwell Day