Municipalities pass the buck

There is no obvious need for the federal government to get involved in municipal infrastructure

Why do municipal politicians want federal and provincial politicians meddling in the development and construction of local infrastructure?

Municipal infrastructure is still the statutory responsibility of municipal governments.

Nobody is in a better position to determine what infrastructure a community needs, let alone how to prioritize and budget for development and construction.

There is no doubt that infrastructure spending is challenging all municipalities, but it makes no sense to have three levels of government involved.

There is no obvious need for the federal government to get involved. Federal transfer payments already address provincial and municipal inequalities.

While asking the federal government to provide more money for infrastructure, we should be reminded that all of that extra money comes from the same taxpayers, no matter what level of government collects it.

If the federal government wants to be involved, it should bypass the joint venture part and take responsibility for all infrastructures.

Having to co-ordinate three levels of government to install another sewer line defies logic, and it has turned planning and development of municipal infrastructures into a state of chaos.

When we see not one, but three politicians fighting to get their hands into those scissors to cut that ribbon, we are allowed to wonder what it is all about.

A cynic would insist that the Ministry of Municipal Infrastructure is nothing more than a campaign slush fund being manipulated by the government of the day to help incumbent politicians win the next election.

Andy Thomsen