New direction needed

We need to promote Penticton as a place to live, learn and be happy

Now that the civic election has wrapped up and many of the incumbents have returned, City Hall desperately needs to revitalize this city and set a new course for economic development.

We simply can’t wait another year for things to change. New directions are needed. A new vision is required. Radical reforms need to be made by mayor and council in order for this city to be sustainable in the future.

Has anyone noticed the number of closed businesses and empty retail lots in Penticton? And almost half the population is not even in the workforce. Can this continue?

Therefore, I have some proposals to make. I would hope the mayor and council consider these, because if not I will not be living here for much longer. Now while governments don’t create jobs, they are in the business of making sure there is net wealth created by private enterprise. This is achieved by creating a business climate that favours net wealth creators.

If we want to have sustainable future with all the amenities a city can bring for its citizens, jobs and economic development must remain priority one for Penticton. So with that in mind, city council needs to review what Calgary’s young mayor Naheed Nenshi did when he travelled across Canada to attract people to move, set up businesses and live in Calgary. It was a great success.

So why has Penticton’s mayor, some key councillors and chamber members not set off across the province and spoken to key corporations in this province and promote Penticton as a place to set up shop? Not once did I ever hear of this proposal by any of the candidates? Now is the time.

This council must enact this to be proactive, not reactive to economic shortfalls. Therefore, I would hope this proposal is achieved soon. We need companies to relocate their operations to Penticton by offering them economic incentives so they can hire locally. We need a larger population base to sustain a city, and this proposal will do the trick. Moreover, we need to promote Penticton as a place to live, learn and be happy. Because I don’t see many people here too happy right now.

Ashley Rattée