New vision needed for British Columbia

If the Liberals are so good at growing the economy, how come more and more of our kids are unable to find good-paying jobs?

I am getting sick and tired of endless ads showing Christy Clark sitting around Tim Hortons with a bunch of soccer moms, grinning like a Cheshire cat, while she repeats the empty slogan, “We’ve got to grow the economy for our kids,” over and over like some kind of trained parrot.

First off, you picked a bad place to say it, given the fact that same Tim Hortons was just in the news because apparently they need to import foreign workers because our “kids” are too stupid and unskilled to sling doughnuts and pour coffee.

If the Liberals are so good at growing the economy, how come more and more of our “kids” are finding themselves growing up as young adults working two or three jobs in low-paying service and retail because real jobs are disappearing faster than the Canadian penny?

As far as her promise to lower taxes, yes, the Liberals sort of came through on that one, if you count a tax they created in the first place. First they established the hated HST, then after being forced to, abolished it, but only after punishing us by dragging their feet for the last three years. And some of the tactics they have been using to desperately hang on to power defy reason. Like their proven written policy of trying to cosy up to ethnic minorities to try and win votes.

Please tell me how spending $11 million taxpayer dollars to bring the Bollywood awards to Vancouver benefit the rest of B.C. citizens? The Bollywood awards honour foreign movies, starring foreign actors, filmed and directed in foreign countries and watched in the vast majority by foreigners in foreign theatres.

One of the most despicable decisions by the Liberals was to sell off good-paying B.C. Shipyard jobs with the decision to buy ferries from Germany rather than have them made here. In case the Liberals forget, it was W.A.C. Bennett who created the B.C. Ferry Corporation and had every single ferry built right here in B.C.

Even a right-wing, hard-line free-enterpriser like him realized the value of local high-paying jobs for B.C. workers. He is spinning in his grave as we speak. So Christy, spare us the rhetoric. Your party lacks vision and is plain out of ideas, and it’s time B.C. voters gave someone else the chance to try and get it right.

Mike Hanley