Offended by letter

I would be surprised if I was the only one to respond to the obnoxious letter in May 20 Western News regarding Penticton’s problem with perception.  I felt it needed an immediate response, so perceive this, Mr. Longworth.  You must be very popular with your neighbours right about now.

Since you don’t live in Penticton, the prison issue should be of no concern to you, so I won’t discuss the pros and cons. You already think that you know everything. Your letter tells me that you’re not too educated; you try to use big words, but you don’t know how.  Words like “potentially.”  Did you just learn that word, because you used it twice in one sentence, along with “rather.”  A 10-year-old could have written it better, and you have the audacity to call us stupid?

The drivers you refer to, who are “potentially” driving you off the road, (have you forgotten) the majority came from somewhere else, like yourself, and like yourself many came from the Lower Mainland.  Is that blunt enough for you? I refuse to discuss politics with you, I’m quite sure that you are a self-proclaimed expert on the subject.  But, I will say this; we don’t believe everything we hear or read without facts to back it up. You obviously do.  We chose to ignore the rumours and go with a winner. You on the other hand, well, we all know how that went, but we won’t hold that against you, so get over it.

Penticton has been, and is doing very well, and will continue to progress with or without your snobby input.  For someone who has been here only a short time, you seem to have a biased opinion on everything and everyone.  Are you really that miserable that you should find fault with everything other than the scenery?  You would do well if you get off your high horse before someone “potentially” helps you down.

Anne Whitney