Okanagan Coquihalla MP missing the big picture

Penticton letter writer says Okanagan Coquihalla needs to get out of Conservative bubble.

Rookie MP Dan Albas, in his Aug. 29 column, spends six paragraphs gloating over what he calls a “robocall” incident involving the Liberal candidate in Guelph, Ont. last year.

The offence was not identifying the party on the automated calls. The Liberal candidate, Frank Valeriote, apologized, co-operated fully in the investigation, and is paying the $4,900 fine.

Naturally, Mr. Albas doesn’t mention the far more serious and widespread robocalls scandal that implicates Conservative candidates, including the ongoing investigation of the fraudulent “Pierre Poutine” robocalls made to non-Conservative voters in Guelph last year.

Then Mr. Albas rants about the non-existent Bill C-428.

That private member’s bill died, like most such bills, on first reading.

Yet Mr. Albas claims he hears about it every week from “enraged taxpayers.”

I read at least one newspaper a day, I listen to radio news and watch The National, but I must confess I’ve never heard of Bill C-428.

Does Albas ever get out of his Conservative bubble and listen to real people?

If he did he’d see that unemployment is growing, the cost of food is rising, local growers are in trouble and the environment is suffering. Aren’t these more important issues to focus on?

Why waste our time mentioning a bill the Liberals did not support, that never went anywhere?

Bob Nicholson