Options affect us all

Everyone has a say in what should occur on one of the best beach strips in Canada

I wish to comment on statements made in a letter by Alena Zamorano regarding the upcoming plans to change the face of Lakeshore Drive.

First, whether taxpayers are “discounted” or pay “full” property taxes, as you put it, has no bearing on having an opinion of what should be a decision on whether it is appropriate to spend $7,100,000 to change Lakeshore Drive.

I am one of those letter writers who is fighting for the right plan to keep Lakeshore as is. Option 3 is my choice. And I am a “full” property taxpayer as are several business owners and residents who support not letting our city planners and council change what is one of the best cruise strips in Canada.

Discriminating against our senior population and “discounted” property taxpayers is a low blow to those that built Penticton to the city it is today. Cliff Martin is the driving force for Option 3 and he is raising a young family, so we are not a bunch of archaic people in old cars that are afraid of change. We are, in fact, concerned that if we don’t curve the spending of our city managers, we will lose more businesses in our city and those who will not be able to afford the property taxes that will occur.

You also have to realize that one-way traffic will heavily impact Churchill and Alexander streets. If you lived on one of those streets you would be fighting for your rights too. Had you attended the rally we organized you would have met young families as well as seniors and seen that it is more than a bunch of people afraid of change.

This is a time of economic turmoil. It’s more important to encourage new business and increase employment in our city. The tourists already love coming to where we are so lucky to be living.

Option 3 is the most logical choice for Lakeshore Drive. Option 1 and 2 have a price tag of over $7,100,000. Option 3 says let’s just fix what needs to be fixed and leave it alone. Option 4 comes with a cost of losing some sandy beach and widening sidewalks. We spend our summers on Lakeshore Drive, and the sidewalks are never crowded, so why change what is working. Just fix what needs to be fixed.

Everyone has a say in what should occur on one of the best beach strips in Canada. I hope logic plays an important role in deciding the end result to what will happen to Lakeshore Drive.

Lou Sloboda