Options overlooked

No wonder people look down their nose when the odd cop goes astray by doing something stupid or laughable. There is a simple answer for all police forces to gain the full respect of those they serve.

Treat your guilty with the same application of law and punishment as the good, the bad and the ugly receive when caught in the real world.

Global TV morning news on Jan. 25 showed some burly cops using a battering ram to beat the hell out of a very expensive front door of a home suspected of being a grow-op. I may not understand, so please enlighten me on the reasoning for destroying the door when there was a large enough window adjacent to the door to smash and gain entry.

Would these officers batter their own front door down, when there was no thought of other options available.

This window presented a real opportunity for easy entrance, as did any other window, plus the fact the uniforms leading the charge apparently never heard of a locksmith.

Tom Isherwood