Outrageous to place prison in serenity

How disheartening to read the letter from Ms. Wouters regarding the “opportunities” for residents if a prison is situated here. She worries about the impact our community will have on the criminals. She thinks the criminals are just nice people. These are not bad people she states.

I seriously think she should shower the innocent victims of crime with her pity and compassion, not the criminals.

We do not need or want 720 criminals plunked in our small town. Plus thousands that will be shuttling through here.

I personally think it is outrageous to place a large prison in this unique area with it’s serenity, lakes and amazing scenery. Everyone with intelligence should run. not walk, to protest this defacement, this down-scaling of the town.

Jobs? Do you really want to educate your children to work and serve the needs of criminals?

Maybe they could work as guards, watching over them, maybe clean up after them, maybe food services, maybe laundry, etc.? Is that what you really want for your children, for their future?

I really don’t understand the people of this town. I moved here, like so many others, for what it is offering us now, a peaceful, beautiful place to live. Over the last several years, I have met people who moved here from places such as China, India, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the south of France, Brazil, Africa, England, the United States and even Iraq.  Why did they come here? These are people looking for a better life, and they have found it here. It’s amazing. If we had some journalists to write about them, we would I’m sure have some very interesting stories. Why did they choose Penticton? I am asking you, please don’t spoil this unique place, stand up and say no to a prison.

Patricia Kushner