Party comes first

I am writing in response to Dan Albas being selected by the Conservative Party. When Mr. Albas ran for councillor in Penticton (three years ago) I knew then that he was Stockwell’s boy and that he would replace Stockwell upon his retirement. So I am not at all surprised about him being selected as the Reform/Conservative party’s representative in this constituency.

Mr. Albas is a “yes man” by all definitions of the phrase, and he will serve the Reform/Conservative Party first and foremost and put his constituents second, just like he puts business and developers first as a councillor and the residents of Penticton second.

The Reform/Conservative party does not want people like Sean Upshaw (seems like an independent thinker) to upset the apple cart, that is why they undermined the nomination process. They knew for a long time exactly who they wanted. I do not know Mr. Upshaw but I feel for him, as I am sure he has been a Reform/Conservative faithful for a long time. He like all his party’s faithful should be given a fair chance and not be jerked around.

Peter Taenzer