Pass on prison

As I have heard of the possibility of a correctional centre (known as a jail) being built by Penticton, I hope all of us people will write this idea off, completely off.

I moved to fine Penticton just a few years ago from the great Prince George. I’m pleased with the good relaxed nature of Penticton’s people. I had lived in PG for 35 years and am pleased (I had changed my careers in 1978 to become a correctional officer) to be in our great BCGE union, still. I’m retired and still pleased to be in our union. It shows to me that any jail would not fit in easily due to lakes at north/south, hills east/west. So what part of our city would we lose? Next, don’t take away parts of our dear Summerland and other small areas.

I know only too well what type of caution we’d have to “invent” if any part of a jail was built in our dear city. Kelowna or Kamloops can be far more suitable to build a jail.

I hope that any people puzzled by the idea of not having a correctional centre in Penticton contact our BCGE union. Prince George has the proper size to back up for all the needs of a jail. Also follow through with Kamloops/Kelowna.

Linda Flanagan