Peace on Earth?

Wouldn't it be nice to turn around mankind’s love of power to the power of love

So today I went out Christmas shopping, wow, pretty darn busy out there. Money, money everywhere, yet the economy is supposed to be weak. Who was to know Santa’s wallet was going to be so big this year? Ah heck, it’s really just the same every year, with the only difference being the amount of time it takes in the new year to play catch up on the payment plan.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, ain’t this fun going round and round trying to make ends meet? As long as we deceive ourselves to be jolly wage slaves, we’ll continue to fit into what they want us to believe is normal. Gee, what is normal? And how long will it take if we decide not to accept it anymore and change the way it is to something brand new? Yeah, that’s it, just how long does it take before something new becomes normal again?

And so the dilemma continues as we go round and round, waiting for someone brave enough and vocal enough and charming enough to sway the majority enough to make a motion to change. Pretty tough stuff when you think about how we all like to be feeling warm and fuzzy with our familiar routines complacently mundane and safe. Ha ha, safe? Safe from our own fears trumped up by fear mongering propaganda leading us to believe that danger lurks around every corner and from within every stranger. Thus accomplishing the agenda of the powers that be to keep us self segregated and untrusting of each other just enough to keep us from coming together as one voice.

As there is strength in numbers and a massive singular voice of many could demand change, even global changes. Change, of course, is what the powers that be fear the most, ultimately the weakening of their grip on control. Ah yes, the love of power, the perpetual demise of our planet and peace. Now wouldn’t it be pretty cool if the new normal was beneficial towards our planet and peace? Something so simple and profound as a play on words in regards to turning around mankind’s love of power to the power of love.

Ho ho ho, peace on earth to all and to all the enlightenment of peace within.

James Beck