Penticton takes a stand against GMOs

Penticton resident marches against Monsanto and proud of others who joined in.

Hey, hey! ho, ho! GMOs have got to go! On May 25, there was a very loud voice speaking up all over the world against Monsanto and their Genetically Modified Organisms (seeds). This was a much needed and welcome event that even here in Penticton many people attended. The event was very exciting and a good step in the right direction. There were a few speakers who were very passionate about the event and felt they must inform people about the GMOs produced by Monsanto and their many other very questionable practices.

There were some people as we marched who called out “What’s a GMO?” So I say it is a seed that has had the DNA of an animal put into it to make it either be more resilient to cold, change its colour, or anything else they want to enhance in any number of ways in any number of seeds. Canola, for instance has been made what they call “Roundup ready.” They have actually inserted the roundup into the DNA of the canola to make it a part of the seed so roundup won’t kill it. What, I ask, does it do to us? With little or no regard for the effects of their genetically modified seeds on us humans.

Monsanto has gone to great length to get their seeds and food to the public without even allowing us to be informed as to what we are consuming. Monsanto does not have to label their product. Monsanto takes no precautions to do any reasonable testing of the long term effects of these seeds in this very new approach to enhancing the DNA structure of a seed. It simply is not tested enough. So we have now, in turn, become their science experiment. The lack of action taken by any elected official no matter how far up the ladder, not to even question what is going on, is outrageous. That was also one of the things we were hoping to shed light on by ending our march at Nanaimo square in front of Dan Ashton’s office. He and Dan Albas were invited to speak on the subject at the march but could not attend.

There were many families, lots of kids, local farmers and even Doug Maxwell, our local politician, came to say a word. My son and I spent a couple days making posters for the event to make sure all people had a poster. I am happy to say that the local farmers market was in support of the rally as well. People running up to get a picture and adding their cheers to the crowd. I heard many horns honking and there was just a general goodwill feeling of getting the message out there. We chanted and held our signs up with pride. My son, my friends and I. All the way and then some.

This is not the only thing that is being done without our knowing by the powers that be and I am hopeful that, with the March against Monsanto, here and across the globe, we will all step up and take back our rights, that were fought for by our predecessors. To know what is happening and have a say in our country. And stop the seemingly blind destruction of Monsanto and their genetically modified seeds, to start.

Colleen Essler