Plan for our future

British Columbians have had enough of short-sighted economic planning

It seems Adrian Dix has decided to push back against indomitable industry and political pressure to exploit B.C. and our vulnerable environment.

Congratulations, that took some courage, Mr Dix. I admire your wisdom, caution and progressive thinking. Rather than support a project that is guaranteed to present more risks than solutions for uncertain gains, we would be far better off to invest that money and effort in projects that will have longer-term benefits, like developing and investing in an effective clean energy economy that is founded on good jobs and healthy communities. British Columbians have had enough of short-sighted economic planning.

We need to plan not just for our future, but that of every future generation. It’s time to open our eyes and minds to the possibilities and stop letting the big oil and gas companies bully us into agreeing to their profit-at-all-costs agendas. There are alternatives that are better for our province, better for us and far better for the environment.

Rhea Redivo