Points against prison

Let’s look at locating a prison in Penticton from the aspects of planning.

Geography: The city is hemmed in by its lakes and steep hillsides, and because of its limited size a prison complex will be overbearing and cannot be readily assimilated in its structure.

Economics: Numerous letter writers are questioning a positive spin-off of a prison within the city. Of particular note is the letter by Denis O’Gorman.

Socially: A prison population and its connotation is difficult to reconcile with Penticton’s population makeup because of its relative small size and its very high percentage of seniors.

Environmental impact on existing development: The Cantex location will adversely affect the residential development to the south located at a higher plateau directly looking over the area. The Carmi location will also negatively affect the neighbouring residential development of Columbia Heights.

Environment: The Campbell Mountain location will have a detrimental impact on wildlife, the rural ambiance and the year round existing outdoor recreational activities directly related to the landscape.

Pollution: There is a potential of light pollution.

I hope that the province won’t make a decision prior to the forthcoming municipal election so that the unilateral decision by the current council can be nullified by a council attuned to reality and the wishes of the majority of its citizens.

John Cornelissen