Political alternative needed

The public shouldn't be surprised by politicians who don't represent the wishes of their constituents

When it comes to politicians, there is only one who I knew personally and that was a fellow that I knew when he was a co-worker in the security industry. I would never have imagined that I would know someone able or willing to go into politics, never mind for the hated Conservative Party or as they once were known, the Reform Party then the Canadian Alliance Party.

Why on earth would someone, who knew what it is like to be a security guard for cheap and unethical companies, go into politics with a party that ends up in bed with the very corporations that abuse their own workers? I refer to a fellow whose name presently escapes me. Did he decide to “get his” and throw in with a party likely to help him “get his”?

Onto local politics, did people really expect Dan Albas to do anything but toe the party line for the Conservatives? Did they expect him to help someone who needed rescuing from the immigration process that favours unfair Canadian employers over their vulnerable foreign employees? Did they expect him to stand up for seniors or those who are out of work?

Did they expect Dan Ashton to actually care if a developer had the money he claimed to when he is hardly affected by any financial losses his mistakes incur? Do they expect Ashton to care when he dares to run in a city that he doesn’t live in and hardly has a stake in its prosperity? Honestly, voters need to think when they vote and stop voting for corrupt and even evil parties such as the Conservatives. The only real evil the Conservatives didn’t ultimately do to Canada was use the War Measures Act, as Trudeau and the Liberals did against the FLQ.

It is time for the utter decimation of the reconstituted Conservative Party and for the permanent retirement of Harper, Toews, Albas and other untrustworthy individuals. The alternatives? Good question, as I doubt that an NDP party would be much better than a renewed “from the dead” Liberal Party. Canadians have got to stop voting on auto-pilot and letting their representatives get away with their evil ways.

Patrick Longworth


Okanagan Falls