Political endorsement raises warning flag

Reading Jim Gouk’s letter and seeing him speaking so highly of Mr. Harper did nothing for me but open up old sores.

If Jim Gouk is the most reliable character witness for Mr. Harper, then we, the more responsible Canadians, need not to worry about Mr. Harper’s ultimate goal of achieving a Conservative majority government for it will never happen.

The last time Jim Gouk was running for his party, Mr. Harper was an aspiring young politician seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

During a town hall meeting I asked Mr. Gouk about his party’s position regarding our armed forces and if there were going to be any major changes in Canada’s foreign policies if Mr. Harper was elected, to which he replied: as long as the Conservatives are in power, Canadian Forces will always remain to be peace keepers and never be involved in active duty. This comment has turned out to be untrue, and therefore Mr. Gouk has proven himself to be a not very trustworthy person.

Now, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Canadians for having enough foresight to never give Stephen Harper his majority government for look what has happened.

Mr. Harper is applying the same detrimental policies that have ruined the backbone of the U.S.A., the strong middle class, by giving huge tax breaks to corporations. This will always result in eradicating most privileges workers have fought for many years to achieve.

Now, Canada’s once respected military forces are directly involved in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan and Mr. Harper was just itching to honour our so-called commitment to NATO to go and send fighter planes to Libya and take sides in a civil war.

Canada, please, the worst thing that could happen to us at this time is a Conservative majority government, for then we also would be engulfed in perpetual warfare, not for humanitarian causes but only for the financial benefit of a chosen few. I for one want my tax dollars to finance humanitarian missions right here in Canada and not be spent in a foreign civil war without end and I do not want to be guilty of bombing innocent civilians.

NATO has long outlived its purpose and should have been dissolved after the collapse of the Soviet Union. These days NATO is nothing but a tool for giant corporations and is being used to gain control over other countries’ resources and to give those takeovers a shine of legitimacy.

Mr. Harper seems more interested in pleasing his corporate friends by offering them tax breaks that will never create a single job. He is also willing to spill the blood of young Canadian soldiers in the global game of financial control. Don’t be fooled, for no humanitarian crisis will ever be solved by dropping bombs on the innocent.

As a direct result of Mr. Harper’s reckless policies all corporate taxes lost to our tax base will need to be replaced by cutting services or raising user fees and income taxes.

Our provincial HST is the shining example of a tax shift from the business to the working class.

This corporate tax break has also failed to create a single job but has only resulted in drastic spending cuts forced onto the consumers.

I honestly do not believe that Mr. Harper has the best interest of Canadians at heart when he is extending our military mission in Afghanistan to gain the respect of international financial profiteers, and a recommendation by a former politician that knows better should help raise the warning flag to all of us.

Robert Fisher