Premier backtracks

Did Christy Clark really cave on raises, or is it just another election ploy?

I see that Christy Clark has caved in to public pressure and rescinded the raises that were announced earlier this month. For now. Did she really cave, or is it just another election ploy to get her into office and win the West Kelowna riding?

What do you think?

The great swami predicts that after the byelection, if the Liberals win, the porkos will be rushing right back to the feeding trough and those raises will be reinstated faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

If this comes to pass, if I were Adrian Dix and the NDP, I would be going for a no confidence vote immediately.

We simply must step up and put a leash on these runaway Liberal politicians who all seem to have extreme delusions of self importance.

Mark Billesberger