Priorities for Canada

I have just sent a letter to MP Dan Albas, the new representative for Okanagan-Coquihalla. I felt compelled to do so, given that Albas is our representative in Ottawa and not just the representative for Conservative members. During Albas’ campaign in the recent federal election he did state that he wants to represent the interests of all constituents of the Okanagan-Coquihalla riding.

Having done my math, but being unsure as to whether my math is the same as MP Albas’, I know that I am amongst the majority of Canadians who did not vote Conservative, and therefore, at 60 per cent, this makes me a member of the “unofficial” Opposition. I am very concerned that what Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and therefore MP Albas, propose for Canada, is very different to my list includes some of my priorities.

As I expect that MP Albas will be in Parliament on May 30, for the official reconvening of Parliament, I am sending him my “list” to take with him. I see this list, as outlined below, as essential for the common good, for all the citizens of this constituency, and Canada in general.

Increase the CPP contributions, as recommended by the Canadian Labour Congress; do not establish a private, for-profit pension plan.

Establish a fair taxation system; do not cut taxes, as evidence shows that this does not create jobs; create “real” jobs, that provide full-time permanent work for Canadians.

Keep our health care system public, with no two-tier for-profit system.

Cut military spending and bring the troops home from Afghanistan; transfer military funds to create a National Housing Strategy, a national non-profit child-care program and for all levels of public education; children are not for us to make a profit from their education needs.

Protect and restore funding to CBC, so it can continue to preserve and promote Canadian sovereignty, because “I love CBC”.

Increase the Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplements, to ensure no senior lives below the poverty line.

Just in case MP Albas doesn’t get my letter, I’ll hand-deliver the letter to him, at former MP Stockwell Day’s office, at Nanaimo and Main, on May 30, around 12:30 p.m. and invite supporters for these priorities to join me at Nanaimo Square.

Brigid Kemp