Prison nothing to fear

I am really getting tired of reading all the whining, crying and negativity about the thought of a prison in Penticton.

I have been here for over 30 years and seen a lot of things disappear that were family and tourist oriented and nobody has said boo, but the mere mention of a prison and we put our heads in the sand, there is a big uproar. One of the sites was up the street from my home.

I am also retired, on a pension, but wish something like this had come along a few years ago and maybe my family would still be able to afford to live here. Growing up on the Lower Mainland I lived close to a maximum-security federal and a provincial facility and we never had a problem.

One of my family members works at a maximum security facility in Alberta and her town hardly notices it is there except for the money brought in by the payroll, and the stores and suppliers who supply the prison with everything for the daily operation.

Get your head out of the sand people, we need to pay for a lot of things here and we need money to do it. Kudos to Mr. Martens in Summerland with the foresight to see the good that could happen.

F. Wright