Prison opposition defies logic

Well, well, I see the IQ level of this town continues to drop as fear tightens its grip over the prospect of locating a remand centre in Penticton. It is amazing to read and hear this drivel that pours out of people who are so racked with fear, selfishness and rage that they cannot even think clearly. Such inane questions are being asked of our elected officials such as: Do you realize that hard drugs are inside of prisons? Really, that is the point you want to raise to oppose a facility?

Using that logic, hard drugs are inside Penticton’s high schools, should we therefore close them down? I have not read one letter to the editor, nor heard one person speak at a public meeting that comes close to a rational argument against locating this facility in Penticton. Is this the best that the no side can do: incoherent letters to the editor and gutless, cowardly, anonymous threats to the mayor and council members?  You must  be proud of yourselves, making sure that Penticton and the South Okanagan continue to slide into economic ruin. As long as someone is there to pour your coffee or bag your groceries for minimum wage, then I guess the working poor and unemployed of this town can eat cake

Cid McLean