Prisons shouldn’t be priority

Regarding the possibility of a prison in Penticton, or wherever else it might end up at. What really jumped out to me was the stated number of staff in comparison to the number of inmates. It states the facility would house 360 cells, and 10 living units, (I’m assuming these would be units used for what they refer to as family visits). How many persons per cell unit?

The article goes on to say “around 240 correctional staff would be employed at the centre, with additional contracted staff on-site like nurses, doctors, food service workers trades personnel and counsellors.” That many people to take care of adult inmates, who are going to be holed up there for maybe two years, then back out on the streets? I don’t believe the province’s schools are so adequately staffed.

Would it not make more sense to ensure every child in the province were ensured a good education, which in turn would make more persons available for employment or maybe to start up new businesses within our province? Then there would not be the need for more prisons. That article makes it sound like the prisoners get better health care, meals, etc. than do the children of this province. I think it is disgusting that more politicians and people do not see this, or are doing nothing about it. Where will more prisons benefit the people or the province?

J. Johnson