Problems in Parliament

It is time to restore some respect, dignity and democracy to our Parliament

After witnessing a week of what was inaccurately coined as debate on the budget, a few observations from an elector are warranted. It was such a display of arrogance and ignorance that one had to make a hard decision whether to watch the Jerry Springer Show or the Commons Gong Show, both were equally disgusting.

Mr. Albas, could you please bring forward in the House, a private member’s bill to strike the title “Honourable” from all the members in the House? I witnessed nothing in the last week that displayed honourable, or parliamentary behaviour, many adjectives would better describe the disgusting antics, some probably unprintable.

Secondly, since your cohorts can not decide on how or when to bring your gold-plated pensions in line with those of the taxpayers that you represent, may I offer a simple solution. The electorate should vote a member of Parliament in for one term only, then kick there backsides to the curb. This would save the taxpayers a lot of money in an economy that is floundering.

We are constantly told OAS is not sustainable, so how about politicians’ pensions, especially in view of the fact we are now adding 30 more to the pork trough. The first term is usually the only one where our elected members still display some social conscience, after that they become a bunch of sycophants who are quick studies in the regurgitation of the party talking points

It is time to restore some respect, dignity and democracy to our Parliament. It is small wonder our young people are not interested in voting or participating in the political process, when they see how grown men act like a bunch of children or clowns.

Anne Van Blerk